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Upgraded Website Performance

This enhancement can lead to increased visitor engagement, higher conversion rates, and improved search engine rankings, ultimately driving business growth and competitiveness in the online marketplace. 

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Automated Nightly Backups

Have peace of mind that your website data is safeguarding against website against unforeseen events such as hacking, server failures, or accidental deletions. 

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DDOS Protection

This protection ensures that your website remains accessible to legitimate users even during periods of intense DDoS attack activity, preventing potential revenue loss, reputation damage, and customer dissatisfaction.

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SSD Storage

This results in quicker loading times for web pages and applications, enhancing user experience and potentially increasing conversion rates.

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Cpanel Control Panel

Providing easy access to essential tools for website configuration, email management, file management, database administration, and more, empowering small business owners to efficiently handle their online operations without requiring advanced technical skills. 

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Website Malware Scanner

This service helps prevent potential security breaches, data theft, and damage to the business’s reputation by promptly identifying and resolving security vulnerabilities. 

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Global Edge Caching

Using traditional caching methods and edge computing infrastructure to store data as close to the user as possible. It’s a content delivery approach that reduces network latency by sending data from a data center or CDN closer to the user’s location.

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Test and Staging Site

A test/staging site provides small businesses with a dedicated environment to experiment with website changes, updates, and new features before deploying them to the live site.

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24 Hour Support

This ensures minimal downtime and disruptions to their online operations, allowing you to maintain continuity and serve their customers effectively around the clock.